The Swan Vocational Enterprises Team.

Swan Vocational Enterprises is a 501(c)(3) charitable organization established for the purpose of sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ, establishing economic development opportunities, and providing employment to individuals in the White Swan community.

Swan Vocational Enterprises (SVE) seeks to provide vocational training and job skills to the youth of the White Swan community of the Yakama Nation. Employees learn financial literacy, character skills, job skills, and life skills necessary to lead a productive and contributing life in the White Swan community.

Job Preparedness Class

SVE teaches a job preparedness class meant for attendees that come from multi-generations living in poverty. This class provides soft skills and other tools necessary to educate participants on why work is important and what is necessary to maintain employment. It also includes a certificate of accomplishment that can be shown to future employers if attendance and other requirements are met. 

Financial Literacy Class

SVE teaches a financial literacy class in which the following topics are covered: 1) goal setting, 2) money habits, 3) checking accounts, 4) credit, 5) investing in education, 6) budgeting, 7) investing, insurance, and retirement, and 8) workplace etiquette. As these youth earn money from employment, they need resources and information to know how to manage these funds. In addition, they often have to navigate others in their home that need money or are otherwise irresponsible with their own funds.

Swan Graphics: Business Start-up

SVE has already started Swan Graphics, a screen printing and embroidery business. This business is used to teach graphic design, dark room, screen printing, embroidery, invoicing, purchasing, website design, e-commerce, administration, and janitorial skills. All these skills are taught in addition to soft skills, such as public speaking, sales, inter-personal interaction, and learning how to take instruction and constructive criticism.

Currently, this business prints and embroiders merchandise for specific customers. SVE is in process of creating an online presence which will allow us to sell t-shirts designed and created by employees of Swan Graphics.

Other Economic Development Related Projects

In addition to these businesses, the organization gets involved in activities like: 1) teaching youth driving skills to pass the written and driving tests to obtain their driver’s license; 2) helping them open bank accounts so that they can gain banking experience and have their paychecks direct deposited; 3) complete financial aid forms and college enrollment forms for employees seeking to further their education; 4) provide meals for lunch daily and other times; 5) go on group outings to visit businesses in the area to provide an expanded view of employment opportunities; and 6) participate in business network groups to help with interpersonal skills and public speaking.

Swan Technology: Computer Science related training

We are partnering with the local elementary school to teach robotics to all 70 fourth grade students this Spring. We would seek to expand this program to additional grades. In addition, we hope to teach a robotics club to the Highly Capable students at the elementary school. We are also seeking to begin an after-school program with middle and high school students at our location. This after-school program would include robotics, general computer science skills, and basic programming. It could expand to include marketable computer skills such as website design, customer support, and more advanced programming. We hope to direct and expand opportunity for White Swan students so that they might continue in technology related careers.

Our team includes the following fantastic group of people.

Darren and Susie Maxfield

The Maxfield family came to the Yakama Reservation from the Seattle area in March 2015. Darren, Susie, Emily, and Rachel came with a desire to minister and create an economic development project in the community of White Swan. After spending a couple years getting to know the community, Swan Graphics, a screen printing and embroidery business, was started in April 2017. This vocational, character, and life skill training program began to teach these skills and provide economic opportunities for young people. Darren spent 20 plus years as a CPA working as a tax partner in a public accounting firm in Kirkland, WA. Susie homeschooled Emily and Rachel until coming to the Reservation and is now very active and indispensable to Swan Graphics. Emily is now a teacher, married, and living in Idaho. Rachel is a political science major attending college in San Diego. Yesenia began staying with our family in 2017. She is now “one of us” and attends college here on the Reservation at Heritage University.

Darren is Executive Director of Swan Vocational Enterprises and manages Swan Graphics. Susie manages the embroidery department and is customer service at Swan Graphics.

You can donate towards the program that supports the Maxfield’s ministry by designating donations to Swan Vocational Management.

You can contact Darren and Susie via the following ways:

Darren’s phone: 509.930.6513
Darren’s email: [email protected]

Susie’s phone: 509.930.6867
Susie’s email: [email protected]

Jesse and Sarah Dempsen

Jesse and Sarah Dempsen moved from Kent, Washington, to the White Swan area in 2011 with two-year-old Lyddie and six-month-old Millie. Rosie arrived their family in 2013. For the first nine years Jesse and Sarah worked together starting and operating an after-school tutoring program for elementary students before joining Swan Vocational Ministries in 2020 with Jesse as technology program director. Jesse is developing technology training programs, including elementary-age robotics clubs, middle- and high-school robotics, coding, and computer literacy programs, and he and Sarah are helping with other various educational needs of the organization and its employees.

You can donate towards the program that supports the Dempsen’s ministry by designating donations to Swan Technology Management.

You can contact Jesse via the following ways:

Jesse’s phone: 509.930.9142
Jesse’s email: [email protected]

Zack and Tollie Nail

The Nail family have worked on the Yakama Reservation for the past 3.5 years. Their background as house parents at another Christian organization has served them well in this community. Zack has formed many relationships and completed mercy ministry projects while here. His gifting in running small operations and desire to disciple young adults has led their family to Swan Vocational Enterprises. Tollie’s design degree and many years of computer experience will assist Swan Graphics employees in weekly tasks. Tollie will continue to lead WorkLife sessions as needed. The Nail family looks forward to all the Lord has in store on the Reservation!

You can donate towards the program that supports the Nail’s ministry by designating donations to Swan Graphics Management.

You can contact Zack via the following ways:

Zack’s phone: 601.398.7500
Zack’s email: [email protected]

Melanie Quinton

Melanie Quinton will graduate from the University of Georgia in the Spring of 2021 with a Bachelor of Fine Arts, emphasizing in graphic design. Her design discipline focuses on social phenomena and culture shifts, working at the juncture of research and visual communication. After working on the Yakama Reservation the summer after her Sophomore year of college, she was eager to return and continue serving the community. Melanie will join the Swan Vocational team June of 2021, assisting with design instruction at Swan Graphics and developing after school technology programs for our new program, Swan Technology.

You can donate towards the program that supports Melanie’s ministry by designating donations to Swan Graphics graphic design.

You can contact Melanie in the following ways:

Melanie’s phone: 229.977.0786

Melanies’s email: [email protected]

Help Support Our Program

Giving to Economic Development efforts in the White Swan community

Swan Vocational Enterprises is a Christian based, non-profit entity organized under 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. Economic development efforts are operated under the umbrella of this entity. Currently, these economic development efforts include Swan Graphics and Swan Technology.
All donations are tax deductible. The IRS Employee Identification Number for Swan Vocational Enterprises is 84-4879278. Please find donation methods listed below.

The Swan Vocational Enterprises Board has authorized designated funds to receive donations. Your donation is made to the organization. All donations to these designated funds are under the authority and control of the Board of this organization. No donated funds can be used for the benefit of any individual above their reasonable compensation. There is no intent for individuals to receive funds directly.

Ways to donate:

Donate by Check

While we think an ACH transfer is the best method for you to make your tax-deductible donation, we recognize many supporters prefer mailing checks.
If you wish to send a check, please make check payable and mail to:

Swan Vocational Enterprises
PO Box 353
White Swan, WA 98952

Include in the memo how you want the donation designated:

  1. Swan Fund
  2. Swan Graphics Program
  3. Swan Vocational Management (Maxfield)
  4. Swan Technology Management (Dempsen)
  5. Swan Vocational Training (Nail)
  6. Swan Graphics Management (Ritchie)
  7. Swan Technology Program
  8. Swan Vocational Housing
Donate by ACH Transfer or Credit Card
Donations can now be made via ACH transfers (directly from your bank account to Swan Vocational Enterprises) and credit card. Click the button to give online.
Long-Term Appreciated Securities
Swan Vocational Enterprises is set up to receive your contributions of long-term appreciated securities. If you would like to take advantage of this tax-favorable method of donation, please contact us at .

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